iPhone- it’s a marvel in itself. Filled with innovation, fuelled by Steve Jobs passion, iphone has indeed many innovative and interesting applications to use and download. These applications belong to categories like business, health, entertainment etc. Another category which is really popular with iPhone users is game and amusement. In fact the iphone 3G games have the potential to take over the monopoly of PC games. With high performance graphics, attractive display, and great sound, these games can catch the attention of any iPhone users. Its most important feature is third party application development. iPhone game developers can use various programming languages, technologies, frameworks, and platforms. Macintosh (MAC) is the platform for the game development. Mac OS X, developed and marketed by Apple Inc, is the operating system used in game development. The games developed by the third party developers are submitted to Apple app store. A game finds it way to the Apple Store when approved by Apple. After which, the best of the games are made available to the iPhone users.

Just imagine the games which were played on PC and other laptops, now can be played on your iphone which is so compatible and easily accessible. Apple has a Game center feature in all of the new models of iphone. Game Center brings a unified first-party online experiences that combines social networking with multiplayer matchmaking, leaderboards, and achievements. Its a social gaming network for iphone. Now lets have a look on the top 10 games which are now freely available on iphone. These are Action Bowling fee, Battle Bears free, Tune runner, waterslide Extreme, 1000:Find Em All Free, Touch pets Dogs Fun, Shake and Spell 3D Free, Cartoon jump Lite, Knife Dancing, VH1-Behind the Music Trivia Whiz to name a few. There are some features which the iphone game developers should not miss out. And these are discussed in detail below.

High Performance Processor-The iPhone 4 features a custom made 1GHz Apple A4 chip which is one of the most powerful processor any mobile device has got. So an iPhone Game developer should leverage on the opportunity and building high performance graphic based games.

High Resolution Retina Display-Not just the ability to run high performance games but also iPhone’s new high resolution retina display will play all the heavy graphic games which would otherwise need a high configuration gaming desktop. The new Retina display will ensure that even granular parts of the text and character be visible to the user and so your gaming will be like real.

Increased Gaming Experience with Gyro and Accelerometer– Gaming Experience can be amplified with the combination of gyroscope and accelerator. Both motion sensed gaming and gesture controlled gaming will revolutionize iPhone game development industry in years to come and eventually kill portable gaming consoles.

The popular trend of outsourcing has not left the game development industry untouched. Game development for iPhone is outsourced to Asian countries mainly India, which is no doubt a top destination for outsourcing. Several companies in India are involved in iPhone game programming. This country has a pool of extremely talented game developers who know the industry quite well. They use the right technology to bring to life great game concepts. Industry standards and methods of games development are followed. And the best part is that their services are available at much cheaper costs.

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